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Cannabis consumption through a vape or vape pen is one of the most popular methods of consuming marijuana today. Small and convenient vapes allow you to take a concentrated hit of THC or CBD oil and tuck it away for later. It’s easy to avoid the hassles of cleaning your bong or pipe when you use our high-quality, portable vapes.

At Splash Brothers, we have an incredible selection of pens and vape cartridges for all your vaping needs. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is happy to help you select the right cartridge for your pen. We have plenty of classic and popular strains to choose from in a range of great-tasting flavors. Our exquisite products are potent and deliver the perfect cannabis feel and experience, perfectly meeting the vaping desires of our customers and bringing them out of their shells.

With all our affordable options, it’s easy to find the right cannabis extract for your specific tastes. The experts at our marijuana dispensary will ensure that you find the right brands and high-quality vaping products for your enjoyment. When you’re looking for a new pen or vape cartridge, don’t hesitate to contact us today in the New York, NY area.

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