Zombie Runtzs

Relaxed 70% 

Happy 62% 

Euphoric 55% 


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A fruity and gassy demon of a strain, this cut is definitely something else. When you crack the bag, you are greeted by plumes of sweet candy gasoline and liquorice. The buds look good enough to be featured in a High Times magazine and showcase a beautiful structure. Dripped out and draped up in ripe trichomes, this batch will have you almost hesitant to grind up these masterpieces. Smokes like a beast and produces thick smoke with a heavy gasoline, peppery hashish and sweet berry undertone that burns with majority white ash and some pepper from the rolling pape.

The come up is rapid and engaging, with a burst of heavy and jagged euphoria that muddies up your mental. This is accompanied by a strong body stone that reverberates through your limbs and gathers in your core, leaving you feeling weighed down and sluggish. This builds and builds into a blissful sedation and eventually couch lock.


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