Yellow Zushi

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According to West Coast Weed Reviews, the genetics of this strain are Kush Mints and Zkittles. I am not too familiar with the variants represented by different colors and if they are different cuts, crosses, or phenos.  The colas have a very similar appearance to the Blue Zushi, which I reviewed previous to this review. Dark and light green hues make up the foliage with lots of short, tiny hairs and a light sprinkling of resinous trichome crystals.

The nose is a complex mix of floral and citrus notes that marry together, creating intricate sushi notes that are inviting to even those who don’t enjoy seafood.

The inhale begins with savory, earthy, complex Z-terps, which I would describe as a mix of floral, citrus, and sushi notes. In contrast, the exhale continues the earthy Z-Terps and has them lingering long after.


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