White Gelato Plus

3.5 grams

Relaxed 53% 

Happy 60% 

Euphoric 55% 


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The White Gelato Plus strain is a combination of White Widow and Gelato strains, which are considered by some to be among the best cannabis strains out there. This is a Sativa-dominant strain with high levels of THC, leading to powerful psychotropic effects. Due to the hybridization process, the White Gelato Plus has slightly narrower leaves, a taller stature, and a preference for hot climates.

The symptoms correlated with the White Gelato Plus  are nothing to scoff at. Unlike its pacifist cousins, this strain kicks up the dust, putting you into a highly energetic and euphoric state. From the first smoke, you’ll feel the buzz touching your head, filling your mind with all kinds of ideas, concepts, and novelties. It enhances your imagination so much that you’ll get inspiration for all kinds of plans.


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