Silver Train

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Silver Train is a pungent sativa that’s sure to speed up users’ thinking and energy. This bud is a cross between the popular Trainwreck and the highly resinous Super Silver Haze. It offers an aromatic, diesel-tinged smoke to accompany its long-lasting effects. Silver Train’s THC content has been measured at between 32%and 35%.
Flowers of Silver Train tend to be smaller than average, holding together in tight, pebbly clusters when trimmed. These popcorn-like buds have a chunky and roughly globular shape as well as a seemingly hybridized indica/sativa internal structure with a solid core but spindly leaves that twist loosely away from other another at their edges. These wispy leaves themselves are a muted shade of olive green and are set off by bright orange pistils. Dewy-looking, translucent trichomes finish off these flowers, covering all visible surfaces and accounting for the “silver” in the strain’s name.


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