Pop Rox

3.5 grams

Euphoric 85 %

Creative 78 %

Focus 65 %

Happy 45 %




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Super secret strains tend to be the best, that is when you can get your hands on them. Pop Rox hails from a private seed stash in Las Vegas, Nevada, and can only be found at one dispensary in the area. While breeders and parentage are unknown, it’s rumored that this indica-dominant hybrid stems from the Purple family.

Pop Rox is an ideal choice for users of all experience levels, as an average of 28% THC is just enough of a boost to kick your high off right. What many love about this unusual strain is the flavor it gives off, as it tastes just like the candy it’s named for! A tangy blend of fruity and spicy smells will meet your nose as you take your first hit, offering a well-rounded experience. Pop Rox nugs are very dense and dusty with rich tones of purple that mirror a lilac plant.

Despite its strong indica genetics, Pop Rox is a great choice for daytime use due to its initial onset of energetic clarity that boosts your mood and enhances your creativity levels. Users note they are incredibly happy and often aroused during their high, making it an ideal strain for a workplace romance if you’re into that kind of thing. Beyond just wanting to get your rocks off, Pop Rox offers mental clarity that helps you to whip through your to-do list like it’s nothing.

The comedown with this strain can lead to some deep relaxation, making it a favorite of patients who struggle with insomnia. Given that your mood is instantly lifted after just a toke or two, Pop Rox has earned a reputation for melting away stress and depression, allowing you to focus on the things in your life that matter. Bad moods, PMS, or even some cases of bipolar disorder can all be aided by this magical candy-like flower.


For those fortunate enough to have access to Pop Rox, buy as much of it as you legally can, because no one knows if or when this strain will run its course. Great for alone times when you want to get stuff done or better with a friend you want to get closer to, Pop Rox’s delicious flavors and balanced effects will bring you back to a childlike state of bliss in no time


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