London Jelly Mints

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London Jelly Mints Cannabis Cultivar (Strain)

Today’s review is London Jelly Mints a cross between London Pound Cake 75 and Jealousy. These buds have a unique gmo like shape and are semi dense with a sticky feel. The colors are primarily a combination of forest green with dark plum purples and blood orange pistils.

It has a very sweet nose on the frontend. The middle has a minty fuel and it finishes with a mix of sweetness, pine, and mint.

Dry pull is sweet and tangy. The smoke is smooth and creamy. It has a nice sweetness on the frontend. The middle has that minty fuel. The exhale is a combination of sweetness, fuel, pine, and mint.

The high was heavy on the body and mind. Made me feel super relaxed and lazy. I enjoy this strain at night and before bed.


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