Jungle Boys “LA Kush Cake”

3.5 grams

Relaxed 70%
Euphoric 55% 

Happy 50%
Uplifted 30 

Sleepy 25 %


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Kush is a foundation in the cannabis industry, but it’s somewhat of a vague term for the newbies learning about different strains and brands. Kush is used in different ways in the industry including slang, strain nomenclature, and branding. Old head West Coast stoners absolutely love Kush, they simply won’t let it go. Good Kush representatives have gas and musk that you can smell through the plastic. It also has to be an indica so heavy, it breaks the couch when you get locked into it. Jungle Boys’ LA Kush Cake strain meets all of the requirements for another killer branch on the Kush family tree.

Seed Junky Genetics created another banger in LA Kush Cake. They’re some of the most prolific breeders in all of cannabis. Wedding Cake and Kush Mints were used to create this indica strain that will crush your eyelids into submission. Frosty green flowers that produce that definitive musky gas some people would chase to hell and back.

It only took two small bowls to put me down for the night. Wake and bake with the LA Kush Cake strain at your own risk.


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