Kush Cake

3.5 grams 

Relaxed 75 % 

Happy 70 % 

Euphoric 55 % 

Uplifted 45 % 

Sleepy 38 % 


Out of stock


New Batch arrived 9/16/20
Fresh from Diem Farms in Independence, Oregon, comes this flavor packed indica-dominant hybrid strain.  This strain is a hard-hitting, potent 70/30 indica has gorgeous bud structure with deep greens and a layer of white trichomes frosting the top level and caked into every crevice.  This strain gains most of its scent from Wedding Cake, but the cool mint flavor of Kush Mints shines through once burnt.  If you are looking for a nice stoney strain to help you unwind at the end of a long day, this sweet harvest of sticky green flower is perfect for you!  Take a load off but remain mentally aware enough to enjoy any kind of media and cherish each bite of dinner.


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