Green Gellato

3.5 grams

 Relaxed 60% 

Happy 55%

Euphoric 50% 

Uplifted 42% 


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Green Gelato has the same genetic background as the original Gelato, namely Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. However in this case there’s a bit more emphasis on the latter, hence the change of name.

This strain is slightly Indica dominant (55%) but still provides an impressive 32+THC.  One of the particularly interesting features of Green Gelato is that the balanced genetics also produce a balanced high.  In other words, the energy rush and euphoria of the Sativa side of the parentage, is balanced out by the mellow serenity of the Indica side. This means that the overall effect is rather more chilled than you might expect given the THC level. The pain-busting power remains the same and if it’s emotional relief you need then this strain is also an excellent choice.  On a similar note, the classic Indica body stone is lightened up by the Sativa genetics.  So you’re unlikely to find yourself couch locked for hours on end.


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