Relaxed  70 %

Happy 68 %

Euphoric 65 %

Sleepy 45 %


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Cannabis breeding is a science that has been making strides lately. Nowadays it is not a problem to find a true masterpiece of a marijuana strain, extra-potent, exquisitely smelling and sturdy. One of such is the new Gorilla Glue x Bruce Banner hybrid, whose parent strains are known all over the world. Gorilla Glue got its “glue” name stuck to it because of how much resin it makes as well how stoning it is. As for Bruce Banner, its THC percentage reaches a scary 33%, but it still induces a euphoric and happy tripping. GG x BB hybrid is the best options for gourmands, whole-life smokers, medical users and growers who think big. A truly Californian strain that descends from such old school champions as Strawberry Diesel, Chocolate Diesel and OG Kush. An intricate flowery taste with fir hints.


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