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Frosties Runtz is an Indica dominant hybrid Jokes Up strain with a 65/35 Indica/Sativa ratio. Both novice and experienced users of cannabis find this Jokes Up strain to be top quality. Additionally, it has a THC content of 33% and  a CBD content of 2.4%. Jokes Up has never disappointed me and I’ve had a lot of their strains. It is most likely that Jokes Up named their strain Frosties Runtz after the drink Frostie Blue Cream Soda. There is some similarity between the font and color scheme of the jar and the soda can. The Soda has also appeared on Nero’s Instagram in the past when he promoted it.

Jokes Up definitely hit the mark with the high you will feel from Frosties Runtz. Even though you’ll get a body hide, it’s mostly the head high that’s going to get you. Your senses will be taken over within minutes, making you feel relaxed and calm. Also, depending on how much of this Runtz strain you have already smoked it might make you sleepy. Unlike other strong Jokes Up strains, Frosties Runtz doesn’t give you a rushing high, which can cause headaches. Frostie Runtz does not have any drawbacks and it will give you the motivation to stay energetic the next day. As an alternative, it has a relaxing mellow rise that will ease you into relaxation. The strain has been known to help with stress, anxiety, depression, and various other types of mood disorders.



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