BlueGuava Gelato


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Grungy Nuts, light Parmesan edge, hint of Astringent Mint, Sizzling White Onion and Savory Black Pepper core.


Small, sticky buds. Very weak trim and manicure. Cure is excellent. C+


Dry Pull: Spearmint Musk, Black Licorice, Sweet Earth.

Combustion: Grungy Hazelnut, Funky Earth, Envelope Sealer finish.

Vapor: Walnut Gas, Pine, lingering Green Vicks VapoRub.


Med/Average Strength – mostly relaxed hybrid body high, body euphoria, put my spirit at ease, very calming. Jello-O limbs. Heavy chest.

If you’re a fan of Gelato 41 and Guava Gelato cuts then you should love this Blue Guava Gelato. Its flavor profile is nutty, earthy, a tad bit of salt, with a lingering envelope sealer finish. Really, there’s hardly any gas or fruit to be found in this blend, and that’s pretty refreshing for a change.


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