Black Caviar


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Big S/O to @24k_exotics_backup as they continue to bless us with an ever-changing rotation of great Gas No Brakes strains.

Appearance: The 3.5 contained a medium sized nugget paired with a number is smaller buds. Dense structure packed tight to the stem. Two-tones, pistachio/sage greens and light amythest complexion…

Nose: Super musky, almost perfumey, and heavy on the diesel. Grind the bud up and the result is more sweet and savory, mixing mulled spice, dried fruit, gas and coffee into a really intriguing blend.

Flavor: Bittersweet and earthy inhale possessing a chocolate hash like palate. Hints of a tart licorice or dark raspberry flavor sneaks into the mix as well. Predominately gassy and skunky exhale with a touch of lavender, pepper and herbs

Effects: Indica-like array of tension eliminating, full-bodied effects that subtly take over. Very head dominant, zoned-out and stoney high at its apex. Meanwhile a tingly body buzz loosens the muscles. Not a full couch lock, but this strain can posses some powerful function deterrence.


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