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At Splash Brothers, we are a dispensary that sells many different types of cannabis concentrates for clients in the New York, NY area. We have a wide variety of strains of cannabis, which gives our customers more precise options to choose which strain works best for them. Whether you’re trying to relieve your pain, nausea, or stress, or you’re just looking for something for recreational use, our cannabis dispensary can advise you which product works best for your specific needs. If standard marijuana buds aren’t your favorite, cannabis concentrates are a great alternative option. With a certain amount of THC in each one, you will be able to receive the same pain and stress relief as you would if you consumed it in a more traditional fashion. Concentrates have high potency, and you feel the effects fast. Our concentrate products provide a clean and soothing experience that will leave you calm and relaxed and offer reliable relief from anxiety, aches, or pains. You can enjoy our concentrates through multiple delivery methods, including twaxing, dabbing, vaporizer, and bong or bubbler. Our staff can help you find the perfect product for you. Whatever you are looking for, we ensure that our CBD and THC products will not disappoint. Contact us today to browse through everything we have to offer!

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